"Simple, Clear, Complete"

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Colin Price IT Solutions Ltd has been going since March 2000
and works from
<tagline> : "Bringing your IDEAS into REALITY for websites and online solutions"

Gone are the days where you had contact details and a few pictures on a website but nothing more.
Gone are the days when someone asks what a web page does for you and you are unsure

- Each web page should be looked on as the 1st impression a client will get
- Each web page is an opportunity for gathering business
- Each web page should have quality relative content
- Each web page should developed in its best form for search engines such as Google to list.

If a web page is not being visited, if it is not working for you and can be measured, you have to question why you have it.

Therefore, it is my job to show you the best ways that a website can work for you.. Examples include:

Setting up a shop to sell your products and services.

Advertising your work through a gallery of example work to show in pictures/text how your customers value your work (Maybe your recommendations should be on a web page .. No reason to keep them to yourself!).

Through newsletters and mail lists, keeping interested customers informed of latest developments, special offers or events

If you want to know more, come on down (Yee-Ha!) and talk to me about how a website can work for you.

BSc Honours Degree in Computer Science
"Excellence in e-commerce" Business in Wales Award winner 2008
Colin Price IT Solutions Ltd: "Bringing your IDEAS into REALITY for websites and online solutions."

Apologies for the YeeHa - Just wondering if you'll do it and if you'd put your heart+soul into it - Yee-Ha!